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Who we are!

Simply Delightful


Welcome to Jo’s! Simply Delightful, a Jamaican local Catering and Cake Company established in 2009 by the talented young visionary Jovan Walker.

Simply Delightful offers a wide array of internationally inspired cuisine coupled with local influences which creates a fusion of flavours that people have come to known and love. Our Company aim is to please the taste buds of all who indulge. We specialize in Quality Cakes, Pastries and Dishes which leaves you always wanting more. No matter the occasion, large or small, our talented Chefs and Cake designers can execute with precision, passion, and style.

Our Services Include:

Event Catering such as
Office Parties and Staff Events,
Prepackaged Lunches and Refreshments,
Private Chef,
Designer Cakes for any event,
Baby Showers,
Specialty Cakes and Pastries.


The Chef

Fascinated by the influences around him as a Child, 30-Year-Old Chef Jovan was drawn into the world of food at a very young age in his grandmother’s kitchen. He became very passionate and his love grew which led him to pursue a degree in Food and Beverage Management (Hons.). Out of a deep appreciation for the art and a love for seeing the smiles and happiness on people’s faces when they indulged in his creation, he decided that he wanted more of this to happen. So, in 2009 He started his own business which to this date is known and love by many across Jamaica. “I speak Food” is his personal profession and it proves to be true. The language has developed into what chef Jovan is known for by his peers and family as nothing short of amazing and tantalizing.

Jovan expresses this thought, “I take what’s already there and create a world of masterpiece for all to share. Quality is my standard and allowing people to take a bite to see and experience the explosion of flavour is enough reward for me as a chef. I create and I innovate…that is what I do, and I love it! I do not need to be seen, I let my food speak for me, one of my favourite thing to say is this, the artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.”